The Benefits of Replacing Old Light Fixtures

Written By: Ryan Bowman

It’s hard to believe how quickly 2023 is flying by. In just a couple of months, the holidays will be upon us. With Thanksgiving and Christmas come festivities and guests. Now is a great time to get a head start on sprucing up your home for visitors, and a good place to start is by replacing the old lighting fixtures around your house. There are many advantages to replacing old lighting, in addition to the obvious – ambiance. These are just a few other ways that overhauling your lighting is an excellent idea overall!

Aesthetic Appeal

Dated lighting fixtures are one thing that can really age the appearance of your home. Replacing old lighting can help to overhaul any space and make it look updated with very little cost. Whether it is removing track lighting or updating bathroom sconces, you can transform the ambiance of any space by doing nothing more than putting up new and trendy lighting.

Reduce the Potential of a Hazard

Old lighting that is broken can increase the risk of having a house fire. This is true of faulty wiring or old electrical wires as well. By replacing aging lighting, you can upgrade your home’s interior look and ensure that you are keeping everyone in it safe. And it costs very little to ensure that you reduce the risk of fire or electrocution. While you are updating your lighting, it is a good idea to ensure that the electrical wires are updated and that there are no loose or hazardous connections.

Decrease Energy Consumption

Old lighting fixtures can increase your overall energy costs. New advances in lighting technology can decrease your utility bills and offer you a better way to go green. If you replace your lighting system, you can enter the new year with a plan to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly. With so many different types of electrical systems to choose from, you can really let your creativity flow.

Smart Technology

We are well past the days of the infamous “Clapper.” If you want to make your home easier to navigate with the touch of a finger, smart lighting technology is a must. Not only can you program the lighting system to go off when it isn’t in use; you can make lights come on before you arrive home. That is not only a great way to feel welcomed home; it is also a safer way to ensure that your home is lit up to reduce the risk of theft.

Add Value

Updating your lighting system either on the interior or the exterior of your home has a great rate of return for your investment. According to studies, updating your lighting system will save you as much as 40 to 50% over a period of three to six years. Not only will that make your home more attractive and increase its value; it is also a great way to cut your budget. And if you upgrade to LED lighting, you will recoup the cost of upgrading in under three years.

As we head into the fall season, the holidays will soon be in full swing. Be prepared to welcome your holiday guests by sprucing things up around the house. Upgrading old lights inside and outside your home adds value, lowers energy costs, and enhances safety and appearance. Now is the time to call Morrison Electric to be ahead of the holiday festivities and gatherings.