Circuit Breakers

Most of your home’s appliances and conveniences are powered by electricity. Circuit breakers are the lines that manage and distribute power throughout your home. Over the past several decades, we have become increasingly reliant on circuit breakers for things like work, school, and entertainment, which means overloading many household systems. When you don’t have the appropriate circuit breaker or it needs to be repaired or serviced, you must find a certified electrician with the expertise, training, and experience to make sure that it is working properly. Only someone who’s certified can ensure adherence to industry standards to comply with state and local codes for everyone’s safety.

Why Updating Your Circuit Breaker is a Must!

Repairing or installing a more appropriate circuit breaker to suit your household needs is not only a matter of electrical reliability; it is a safety must. Electrical issues are responsible for a large majority of structural fires, and many of those problems stem from overloading a circuit breaker. By updating your circuit breaker you can protect yourself and your family from annoyances like broken connections and power interruptions. And more importantly, you can reduce the risk of expensive power surges and igniting a fire.


Circuit Breaker
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Why Old Homes Need Updating

Just a decade ago, circuit breakers were not tasked with the output that is common today. Therefore, many older homes are simply not equipped for the electrical demands of today’s world. If you are in a position where you are unplugging one charging device to make room for another, that is a red flag that you are overloading your system. One power surge can cause considerable damage to your devices and lead to data loss and the need to replace appliances.

Upgrading Saves Money

No homeowner wants to look for things to spend money on, but sometimes to save pennies, people end up spending dollars. The small price that it costs to upgrade your circuit breaker will not only ensure that you have no interruptions of service; it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs for your electronic devices. When you upgrade your circuit breaker, you never have to worry about whether it is capable of managing and distributing the electrical energy you need.

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Why Choose Morrison Electric?

What sets Morrison Electric apart from other electrician services is that we have the experience and certification necessary to handle all of your commercial or residential needs. From upgrading to repairing your circuit breaker, our mission is to ensure that it is working properly and safely to cover you and your family. We also pride ourselves on offering cost-competitive rates without sacrificing quality or customer service.

As we head into another year, your family will likely add another electronic device or two to your growing list. Make sure that your home can safely handle the new demands that you will have to charge, and protect your devices, homes, and family by upgrading your circuit breaker for the year ahead. Contact Morrison Electric today to see if your circuit breaker is up for the challenges placed upon it!

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If there’s one household job you shouldn’t be doing on your own, it’s fixing the electricity. Attempting electrical work with no knowledge or training is a major risk and should be passed on to the professionals.

Whenever you need help with your electrical issues or projects, Morrison Electric is here for you. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment with our crew.