Lighting Design

Illuminate your home with Morrison Electric’s lighting design services! We have seasoned and fully insured professionals ready to install the fixtures you need to brighten your rooms. Learn more about the importance of lighting design services.

Interior Lighting Design Services in CSRA

Interior lighting design usually involves bathroom and kitchen lighting. These rooms are essential parts of your home, requiring only the best lighting to highlight its features. Allow us to install lights that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting design can make even the smallest bathrooms appear larger, as well as add to the ambiance. Our contractors offer the following bathroom lighting services:

  • Mirror Lighting: Reduce the shadows in your vanity with a dedicated light source.
  • Ceiling Fixtures: Make your bathroom appear larger with a ceiling light fixture.
  • Shower & Bathtub: Create a relaxing mood with individual lights for these areas.

Kitchen Lighting

Highlight the heart of your home where you gather with your family and friends and entertain guests. Allow our lighting design experts to install the right lights to maximize your kitchen’s beauty with expert services, including:

  • Sink Lighting: Focus on dishwashing duties with a dedicated light source for your sink.
  • Island Lighting: Highlight your kitchen’s main feature with decorative or discreet lights.
  • Suspended Lighting: Give your kitchen an air of sophistication with hanging overhead lights.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design in CSRA

Improve your outdoor space with a lighting design that serves functional and decorative purposes. With outdoor landscape lighting, you can:

  • Boost Ambiance: Illuminate your pool, deck, or patio with landscape lighting.
  • Improve Security: Minimize crime on your property with light that deters intruders.
  • Add Value: Improve your home’s overall value with outdoor lighting that makes your property stand out.

Why Morrison Electric?

Morrison Electric understands how lighting design can enhance any living space. Whether you need interior lights or outdoor landscape lighting for your residence, our licensed and insured contractors have the right tools and experience to illuminate your property.

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