Electrical Services

Need electrical services to power your home or office? Morrison Electric can provide all the electrical services your property needs. Whether you need to repair your home’s electrical wires or to make sure your office building is up to code, our seasoned electricians can ensure your property’s comfort and safety with professional services.

Residential Electrician Services in Augusta, GA

No matter your home’s size, we have the electrical experts to ensure your place’s safety and comfort. Our electricians can install and repair your home’s electrical system to avoid any issues associated with your circuits.

Homes today may catch on fire due to a faulty electrical system. As such, we offer residential electrical services to avoid these hazards. Our electricians can assess your residence’s electrical situation and determine your next steps. Schedule an inspection today.

How We Conduct Residential Electrical Services

Our goal is to ensure your home remains powered safely. As such, we install and repair your wires, electrical outlets, and circuits. Call our professionals today to determine whether your home needs to update its electrical system. Our experts can:

    • Inspect Electrical Systems: Confirm whether your home has a fully functional electrical system that can support your existing power usage.
    • Replace Outdated Components: Allow us to change your residence’s old or broken electrical components that no longer suit your current lifestyle.
    • Install Wiring: Avoid electrical fires with modern wires that our professionals can install in homes correctly.
    • Repair Lighting: Keep your home well-lit with functional lighting components with our electrical services.
    • Update Codes: Stay safe and secure in your home with an electrical system that keeps up with the current electrical and building codes.

    Commercial Electrician Services in Augusta, GA

    Need electrical services for your commercial space? Whether you need to improve your office’s lighting design or keep your shopping mall’s electrical systems updated, our electricians have the right training and licenses to keep your property powered correctly.

    Commercial properties tend to utilize larger electrical systems than residential properties. Office buildings and high-rise properties usually consume more energy than the average home, so they may use complex systems. Still, our experts can navigate these electrical systems easily to maintain your commercial property’s safety.

    • How We Conduct Commercial Electrical Services

      We want to keep commercial properties well-powered. Our electricians are used to the heavy responsibilities of ensuring these large buildings have functional electrical systems. Allow us to deliver our comprehensive electrical services for commercial properties, including:

      • Electrical System Planning: Let us oversee your new construction’s electrical system plans.
      • Electrical System Compliance: Ensure that your building follows local, state, and national electrical guidelines.
      • Electrical System Inspection: Keep your commercial building well-powered with safe, functional, and updated components.
      • Commercial Remodels/New Construction: We work with General Contractors throughout the CSRA from LED Lighting Upgrades to New Construction Commercial Projects

    Call Our Professional Electricians Today

    If there’s one household job you shouldn’t be doing on your own, it’s fixing the electricity. Attempting electrical work with no knowledge or training is a major risk and should be passed on to the professionals.

    Whenever you need help with your electrical issues or projects, Morrison Electric is here for you. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment with our crew.