Electrical Installation

Electrical installation is a complex job requiring seasoned experts to do it correctly. We have the professionals for this job. Whether you need ceiling fans, light designs, security alarms, or backup generators, our team is ready to get the energy running through your home.

Allow us to ensure your home’s safety and comfort by installing wires and circuits. Learn more about our electrical service expertise.

Electrical Repair Services

Leave your home’s electrical needs to our licensed professionals. With our experience, we are confident in conducting our services while avoiding the risks of electrical shocks and property damage. Our electricians are ready to perform the following electrical repair services:


  • Fuse Box: Replace your home’s old-fashioned fuse box with a modern circuit breaker panel. Allow our repair experts to assess your existing electrical system and determine whether you need a safer, more functional fuse box to power your home.
  • Wires: Avoid electrical fires resulting from faulty, outdated wires. Our electricians have the right equipment to assess your home’s wiring system and install modern lines for a safer, more reliable power flow.
  • Electrical Outlets: Protect your home by providing modern outlets that regulate electrical power safely. Your home may have outdated two-prong electrical outlets that cannot support modern appliances.
  • Electrical Codes: Repair your home’s electrical system to comply with building and electrical codes. With an updated electrical system, you can keep your family safe and boost your home’s value.

Circuit Installation Services

Have you gotten more electrical appliances and devices recently? Whether you are installing security systems, solar panels, or new lighting in your rooms, your home’s circuit board must keep up with your increasing electrical demands.

Our electricians can ensure you have an updated electrical circuit to support your new electronics. Allow us to improve your home’s overall home efficiency with professional circuit installation services.

Why Morrison Electric?

Morrison Electric understands how lighting design can enhance any living space. Whether you need interior lights or outdoor landscape lighting for your residence, our licensed and insured contractors have the right tools and experience to illuminate your property.

Call Our Professional Electricians Today

If there’s one household job you shouldn’t be doing on your own, it’s fixing the electricity. Attempting electrical work with no knowledge or training is a major risk and should be passed on to the professionals.

Whenever you need help with your electrical issues or projects, Morrison Electric is here for you. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment with our crew.