Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed with Your Special Someone by Giving Them Something Meaningless

Written By: Ryan Bowman

If you went to the store before Christmas had even passed, you likely saw that materialism was ramping up for another day of spending by aligning the shelves with red and pink hearts for Valentine’s Day. If you have resolved to be more “minimalist” in the New Year, then don’t get your wires crossed by sending your loved one flowers or candy. Why not think grander and consider doing these upgrades that will make their life better for the long-term?

Add That Ceiling Fan!

Sure, it is cold now, but remember how miserable the summer was? If you really want to make your someone special swoon, even in the hot summer months, call us and let us install a ceiling fan in your living space. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like fanning them all year long. A ceiling fan is a great way to provide comfort; it can also cut your energy costs in the winter and the summer by circulating your heating and cooling better. It will be a gift for both of you!

An Upgrade is in Order

Flowers are beautiful, but they only last a couple of days or maybe a week. If you surprise your loved one with the new sconces they have been begging for; they will thank you 365 days a year. Things might be tight in the coming year ahead, so a kitchen remodel might not be in the budget. You’d be amazed, however, at how much a new pair of sconces or pendants can change the overall look of your kitchen and gathering space. You know they’ve been asking, so answer them by getting it done.

Nothing Says “I Love You” More Than Security!

Nothing says “I love you” more than recognizing that security is a must for the people you love. Instead of buying them a trinket that they don’t need, purchase the gift of security lighting for them to safely enter and leave your home. Security lights won’t just highlight and showcase your home; they provide lighting to maneuver around outdoor spaces. And more importantly, they help to deter would-be wrongdoers from trespassing on your property. Be your loved one’s knight in shining lighting to lighten their Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is All About LOVE

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day where you celebrate and cherish the ones you love the most. What a great time to think about the safety of those underneath your roof. As you are considering getting candy or flowers; it is an excellent time to also have your home inspected and upgraded to ensure that your electrical work is all operational and in good shape. If you have outdated outlets or lighting fixtures, they might be posing a fire hazard. Say “I love you” by taking steps to put all minds at ease by upgrading and securing everyone’s safety!

Love Might Not Be Convenient All the Time, But Smart-Home Features Can Be!

If you really want to do something nice that lasts the entire year, then consider upgrading your home with smart-home features that will make their lives easier. From smart bulbs to hubs, you can outfit your home so they never have to get up to turn on and off lights, change the music, or lock doors. Convenience is one of the kindest gifts you can give, which will surely make lights out on Valentine’s Day much sweeter!

This year, instead of buying flowers, roses, or some “thing” they don’t really want or need, upgrade your electrical system and do something that creates real and lasting change. Whether it is changing out old outlets for safety, giving them a little fanning at night, or making turning lights out easier, there are many ways that Morrison Electrical can make your Valentine swoon 365 days this year. Contact us today for a quote for service!