Electrical Panel Services

Safety First and Always when Working with Household Electricity!

Panel Services

There are a lot of ways that homeowners can save money by doing things themselves, but electrical work is not one of them. Only a professional electrician is licensed to provide electrical services to business and residential owners. At Morrison Electrical, we help a wide range of company owners and families with electrical panel replacements and panel upgrades. We also do subpanels when necessary. We understand how important having an upgraded and well-maintained electrical system is to the safety of your home and family, which is why we guarantee our work 100%. All of our electricians are highly trained, certified, and licensed so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

What Are Common Signs that You Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel?


  • Flickering lights
  • Appliances not running on full power
  • Overheating conductors
  • Old electrical panel
  • Tripping breakers
  • Two-pronged outlets
  • Panel box crackles

Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacements

    Electrical systems have come a long way over the decades. As the technology grows, home and business owners are tasked with ensuring that their electrical system is well maintained and updated, when necessary. If your electrical panel malfunctions or ceases to work properly, it isn’t something to ignore. At the first signs of a problem, it is critical to have a professional electrician diagnose and fix the problem. Also, if you have an outdated system, it is important to have it upgraded, especially as your electrical needs grow. Often the electrical panel might need to be replaced altogether to ensure that your system isn’t overloaded and at risk of starting a fire. And a new electrical system will provide better energy efficiency, cutting your monthly costs.

If you notice anything amiss, don’t wait – call us immediately for an evaluation!

At Morrison Electrical, we understand how much you rely on your electrical system from day to day. We also know how critical maintaining your electrical system is to reduce the risk of fire. Our crew of highly trained, certified, insured, and licensed electricians is available when you need us. We not only know how to diagnose the problem; we fix it before it can cause any real damage. Regular checkups and maintenance are not only suggested; they are critical to keeping your family safe and powered up. If you are worried about the condition of your electrical panel or system, contact us today!

Why Morrison Electric?

At Morrison Electrical, we value our customers’ experience and ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed so you know your home is safe from fire and hazards that can come from exposed wires and other faulty electrical problems. Maintenance is the best prevention when it comes to electrical hazards in the home, so if you have any potential electrical hazards, contact us today to get started!