Five Advantages of Adding EV Charging to Solar Panels

Written By: Ryan Bowman

Solar power and other renewable energy sources are not only more economical; they promote a cleaner and more sustainable energy supply. There is no denying that pairing solar power with EV charging can make a significant impact on the environment, and when used together, it can also help to lower energy costs. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider adding an EV charging station to your solar panels by calling our electricians and scheduling an appointment today.

What Is Residential Solar EV Charging?

When you combine solar technology with EV charging, your solar panels are capable of converting the energy that it absorbs from the sun to use for power via EV. The solar panels convert photovoltaic cells into DC power, and the DC power can then be turned into AC power that’s stored in a power “bank” or can be used for immediate use. When you use a solar bank it can increase your solar charging, especially when you consider things like peak demand and other energy factors. By combining EV charging with solar technology, you can convert the energy for everyday use. 

Five Advantages of Solar EV Charging

  1. Cost

Solar EV charging will save you money on your energy costs. When you compare costs, solar energy is cheaper than having to purchase power from an energy grid. If you also have an electric car, you can reduce the sting of your residential energy costs going up anywhere from 50 to 100%. So whether you have ditched your gas-guzzling vehicle or not, a solar EV charger will end up saving you money in the long run. 

  1. Incentives

There are various incentives that you can enjoy for both EV charging and solar power energy technology. These advantages are also likely to increase in the future as the technology becomes more widespread. As more customers see the value of combining the two and we start to realize the potential to save our environment in a significant way, legislation will most definitely start to reward those who are willing to invest and go green.

  1. Peak Season Benefits

Anyone who lives in Augusta knows that as the summer rages on, your energy consumption does too. That usually means that we have a much higher energy bill during the summer months. If you use EV charging alongside solar panels, you are using the very thing that is causing the hike in your electrical needs and costs. EV comes with software that can automate demand response, which will increase revenue and simplify the EV charger process. Storing energy during the hot summer months and peak seasons allows you to better balance your energy costs year-round.

  1. Sustainability

The goal that we should all have is to reduce natural gas consumption and our reliance on oil worldwide. Using an energy grid reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and eliminates the need for renewable energy. Anyone using EV chargers alongside solar panels can feel good that they are reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier environment, both now and in the future. 

  1. Grid Independence

Although most of the main advantages of using EV charging with solar panels revolve around cost savings, grid independence means that you have remote charging capability. Standalone solar EV chargers give electric cars the ability to charge anywhere, whether a grid has made it there or not. Even if you can find a charging station, why wouldn’t you want to use sustainable solar energy instead?

The popularity of electric cars is catching on, as are the advantages of combining EV charging with solar panels for commercial and residential use. Although it is an additional cost upfront, the advantages far outweigh the costs. If you are ready to gain grid independence, foster a greener lifestyle, and gain all the benefits that come with EV solar, contact Morrison today and let’s get started!